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Get One Up On Your Competition:
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Do You:

    Run/maintain one or more website?
    Try to get your pages listed in the search engines?
    Want your pages to appear in search results pages?
    Promote affiliate products?
    Advertise using Pay Per Click services like Google Adwords?
    Build landing pages to capitalise on Google Adsense?
    Build content pages focused around keywords?

Keywords are the core upon which your online business is built. Keywords Manager will not only save you hours of valuable time. it will make your website or ad campaign more profitable by creating keywords you'd never think of. The more keywords you have, the more likely you are to pull in the clicks!

Say Hello To Keywords Manager (PC only):

A next-generation keywords manipulation tool, Keywords Manager gives you the edge over your competition by allowing you to create larger and better keyword lists and you can create those lists in a short amount of time while your competition is manually compiling (a time-consuming task as we all know) his list. That lets you get your keyword laden campaigns up and running while he's still fumbling with with his lists! Keywords Manager combines all the necessary utilities you need to make your job easier:

    Create hundreds, (or even thousands) of new keywords in a matter of seconds
    Clean lists by removing unwanted characters and duplicates
    Remove keywords that contain words that could get you banned
    Format your keywords to all uppercase, lowercase or initial caps
    Recombine keywords so that you get every possible combination
    Link keywords to build lists quickly
    Compare new lists with old and filter out only the new keywords
    Create URL (web address) variations for inclusion in ad campaigns
    Prepare your list for Google Adwords' keyword matching options
    Copy, paste and save keyword lists
    Simple user interface that will take just minutes to learn

Like just about every internet marketer, you probably manually compile your keyword lists from Overture, Google's Keyword Suggestion Tool and tools like Adword Analyzer, Keywords Analyser or WordTracker. Maybe you're more diligent than most and you edit out the irrelevant keywords, the duplicates or you add negative keywords to further refine your list. But it's a drag, isn't it? And it takes sooooo long!

    What if you could create thousands of keywords at the click of a button?
    What if you could clean up your lists and remove irrelevant keywords effortlessly?
    What if you could have your lists ready for Google Adwords in seconds?

You'd create a list that would be larger and more targetted than what your competitors could produce. That list would bring in more traffic, traffic that would be cheaper because you'd be using keywords that had little or no competition. That, in turn, leads to more clicks, leads, sales and, ultimately, more money in the bank. Keywords Manager does all of this, and more!

Join Lists And Inflate Your Keyword Lists

It's never been more important to use a huge number of highly targetted keywords with Google Adwords. Everyone uses the same core keywords these days and competition is fierce (and increasingly expensive). Smart marketers know that they have to go after the less well-known keywords. After all, with no competition, these keywords are cheap and they bring in extra traffic, all of which helps cut down on expenses.

For example, if you were trying to attract people interested in loans or insurance, you might select the keywords insurance and loans. They're pretty brad terms, so something more focused like auto insurance, home loans, home loan quotes, might be used. Maybe, to target them even more, you also want to regionalize the keywords by putting state names before them:

Alabama auto insurance
Virginia home loans
Idaho home insurance

The more targetted you want your keywords to be, the more adjectives you have to use and the more keywords you have to join up. This is where the the Keywords Manager Join function comes in. It provides three lists where you can enter keywords to be joined. For the insurance and loans example, the first list could be all 50 state names (which come in a file with the software). The second list could contain the type of insurance/loan such as car, auto, home, house, boat, etc., and the third list could contain descriptive words relating to insurance and loans such as: insurance, loan, loans, quote, quotes, quotation

Click for a larger view

Just combining those three lists gets you 1800 keywords with the click of a button!

Grow Your List Exponentially With Recombine

As a smart marketer, you know all about phrase matching and exact matching and that it's here that you need to come up with keywords no one else has thought of. Just run your keywords through Recombine, and it will generate every possible combination of the words in each phrase. A five-word phrase will generate 120 variations. Now multiply that by the number of keywords in your list and you beign to see the possibilites. Running the 1800 keywords created in the Join example above, would result in over 10,000 new keywords!

Filter Out The Crap With Cleanup

Run your keyword list though Cleanup to remove duplicates, double and multiple spaces, weird or special characters like "@", "#", "^" or whatever characters you want to remove and remove keywords containing irrelevant words. Whatever comes out from that can then be converted to uppercase, lowercase or to only use initial caps. All that tedious work you used to do is now carried out at the touch of a button. Think of the time saved!

Add URLs To Your Lists

If you've ever tried adding URL variations to your keyword lists, you'll also know how time consuming this is. You've got the basic URL, the version with spaces intead of dots, the version with spaces and dots, the version without the www, the version without the www but with spaces instead of dots. Well, you've been there, so you know. And after you've done all that, you've got to create all the variations with different domains like com, org, info, biz, ws, etc. Save youself a load of heartache with the URL tool. Just enter in the URL components and let it create all the variations for you! Simple. Clean. A real time saver!

Prepare Your List For Google Adwords

In the bad old days, once you'd prepared your list of keywords for Google Adwords, you had to prepare two additional variations of your list, one where each keyword was surrounded in quotes for phrase matching and another where each keyword was encased in square brackets for exact matching. Those days are over! Now all you need to do is import your list, select the combination of keyword matching you want, click a button, and your keywords list is fully prepared to be loaded into Google!

Easy Learning Curve

Expert tools are next to worthless if they're not easy to use. With Keywords Manager's simple interface, you'll be creating keyword lists in just minutes. The interface is intuitive but if you need to know more or see some examples of how to use the software, a full user guide is included.

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